Earn Cash When you host Your Own picture with PicsPay.com

First of all, this is not a Pay Per Post review.. πŸ™‚

I know a lot of you out there loves to take pictures. Even some of you dreamed to become a photographer but end up working in different post..And the dream you had remained as ‘Dreams’..

Anyway, I just check out this new site allowing people to upload our own picture and kept as own album. And guess what,


Good stuff, huh? Greedy Agreed with me or not?

Well, they are known as PicsPay and not only they will host your picture with unlimited bandwidth and storage for free but they also pay you when you host your picture with PicsPay

Unlike other free image hosting services, their service actually allowed members to turn their pictures into profit..

For sure all of you will start thinking “How it works laa..?”
Ok..This is how it works..

  1. Upload pictures with unlimited storage and bandwidth to share with others.
  2. Share your pictures on your sites, forums, ebay, myspace, friendster or other social networking sites.
  3. Get Paid when people view your pictures.
  4. Refer your friends by using your personal referral link under the Referral Program and get 10% of his/her PicsPay earnings.

Easy as that, isn’t it? When you upload your pictures, PicsPay will create a link from your site into PicsPay..Get it?

Currently they are in Beta stage so registrations is only open for few hundreds users..
So hurry up..!! Registration is still open..

For those who still blur with my information, just follow this few steps..

Click PicsPay,
upload gambar,
PicsPay create satu link untuk gambar korang,
kongsi dengan kawan2 dalam blog korang ke or mana2 laa,
bile orang tengok, korang dapat duit..

Contoh nye macam ni..


Sedap tak makanan ni? Kalau nak rasa, click laa kat image tu..

So guys, understood with my briefing? Then, what are you waiting for? Click
PicsPay and register now..!!!


~ oleh Rizwan di Jumaat, November 9, 2007.

10 Respons to “Earn Cash When you host Your Own picture with PicsPay.com”

  1. Sy takde gambar dan takde kamera jugak. Oh,satu lagi.. takde henpon berkamera jugak! (gile miskin.huuhu)

  2. ERRR……ni betol ke tak betol…macam tipu jeee…….kan??

  3. Faerr, betui laa…

    Aku dah register dah pun..

  4. Bro…abih tu kalo aku upload gambar pakai url ngan website ko ni bole ker??

  5. tapi mane nak dapat duit tu cash?? bank mane dia pakai beb??

  6. Faerr,

    semua transactions diorang pakai PayPal..

  7. ko dh try ke? ko dh dpt brapa dh? cash dalam RM ke dalam Dolar? h$h$h$h$h$ :p

  8. Think tank..

    Hahahahah..Aku dapat cash dalam Rupiah..

    Ko nak? join laa..pastu ko tau laa..Muahahahaha

    Ko ni layan Think tank ke? πŸ˜›

  9. Apen, ko takleh upload gambar pakai url aku laa..

    ko buat laa url ko sendiri..

    Ko balik umah tak sabtu ni?

  10. i’m also there: See my photos

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